These women made life worth living

March 7, 2011 at 7:39 pm (Personal)

“We’re women. We’re smart and savvy, striving to live up to our potential,” These words are a burst of assertiveness, a product of self emancipation.

Today’s women are on the forward path to re-establish an equal space next to men. The modern woman has progressed aggressively from a phase where she was constantly bombarded with roles that are an offshoot of a patriarchal society, to a world where gender equality, respect for womanhood is gained by right. This again was a path dotted with struggles.

From a diaper changer at home to heading Multi National Companies effecting economic change, women on every rung of the empowerment ladder have had a constant struggle. The democratic view that I hold on women comes from those women with whom I have been associated with – my mother, my sister, my ex girl friends and the present one who recently has been upgraded to wife status.

If I were to describe them…“they are curious about the world they live in, and want to make a difference. They cherish the gift of womanhood and most particularly, the ability to look within, push the boundaries of what they know, and enlarge their hearts and minds with the world. They are the toughest beings (if they want to be) and the softest souls that they are made to be. They yearn to explore their fabulous womanhood …”

This woman taught me to walk; to talk; instilled in me the basic reverence towards women. A woman of substance that she was, my mother had in her the power to heal pain – most women have it I believe. She would never wish ill for others and would tell me to love my brother. She would make me give away things to the poor and bestow love like a monsoon shower. Busy at home and in school (she was a teacher) she would have ample time for us children. Her life, although short, was the first lesson on the beauty of motherhood in a woman. 

We would fight tooth and nail, but she would be the one to compromise and settle issues. That was another woman in my life – My elder sister. Only those without elder sisters would disagree with me, if I say that sisters make good friends; show motherly concern and even fatherly tyranny when things go wrong. She would change roles quick. From a playmate, to a care taker and from a guide in homework to a companion in harmless pranks.

Hundreds of women who were my college mates brought to me a world of fun, enjoyment and a major leap into exciting time in courtship. Laughter that resounded in the class rooms; evenings that were spent in the coffee shops; moments spent in intimacy sharing life experiences; hours spent in ‘combine study sessions,’ nights spent in overnight camps; days spent in figuring out what was going on between us were the ‘blessed’ days of my college life. Later did I realize that I had seen and felt another side of womanhood – for I was in love!

My partner has taken me a long way in being sensitive to the needs of women. These lessons may seem small to the world, but can change the chemistry between the two. It was here that one could see a woman stepping into those corners of man’s heart that have not been probed into so far. The difference between the two sexes and the dynamics that works between them has amazed me. More than the commonality that exist between the sexes, it’s the differences and the efforts taken by the woman to bring about a congruence that came to light.

This woman was a symbol of sacrifice and commitment. She always gave her best in the relationship. An ace organizer, best surprise giver, gifted holiday planner, trouble shooter, pacifier, an excellent crisis manager, the best financial advisor and above all a confidant.

Taking a step further I would like to share the recent and more prominently exposed soft side of men which complements the nature of women. “Men don’t cry” is now a cliché. Watch the reality shows on Indian television and you will find men being honest with their emotions and venting them out. From where has this sensitivity emerged? We have learnt it from women. The number of those men, who are at ease with showing to the world that they are soft at heart, is increasing. This greatly helps to strengthen the connecting and communication between the sexes.

I am sure God made women in his leisure time. Deep thinking has surely gone into making this being that gels into any circumstance and makes the change. Playing numerous roles to the best of her ability and combating her way through to emancipation in a world where patriarchy is a deep rooted poison ivy, womanhood still awaits its due.

I salute this virtue of womanhood for if there were no women, there would not have been men.



  1. sheethal said,

    Hey Vinod,
    This post is just beautiful! 🙂

  2. Chandana said,

    Nice one …good to see you take up your writing again 🙂

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